JFCS gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our Friends of the Agency
(those who donate up to $499). Your support enables us to maintain and
expand our services and programs for the community.

Listed below are contributions made during Fiscal Year 2021 (10/1/2021-09/30/2022).
If we have omitted or incorrectly listed your contribution,
please accept our apologies and know that your giving is truly appreciated. 


Shirl and Stanley Abrams
Suzi and JD Abrams
Donald and Michele Adams
Shelley Levitan Adler
All Risk, Inc.
Stuart and Marylee Alperin
Darlene Anderson
Steven and Linda Angstreich
Anonymous (25)
Jeffrey and Jennifer Apell
Jerry and Janice Apple
Jill and Jesse Arnstein
Joel and Muriel Asnen
Mitch Augarten and Don Levitsky
Jerome and Gloria Baer
Bob and Anita Bank
Bank of America
       Charitable Foundation
Daniel Banks
Melvin Bard
Andrew and Vivian Barnett
Nancy and Robert Barsky
Mickey Bassman
Janice and Christopher Bate
Carol and Ted Bell
Ed and Judy Bender
Alessandra and Mitchell Berger
Bruce and Jane Berkowitz
Berks Court Reporting Service
Richard and Rebecca Berman
Lisa & Sandy Berritella
Stacie and Scott Binder
Amy and Andrew Blackstone
Gwen Bland
Jerry and Karen Bliss
Jocelyn Block
Dr. Richard and Ruth Bogutz
Ilene Bomze
Steven and Allison Borenstein
Barbara Borger
Chris and Ronit Boyd
Linda Bradley
Rimma and Gary Bressler
Izzy and Marti Brettler
Heather and Josh Broad
Stephen and Lisa Brodack
Paul and Ruth Brodnick
Lenore and Jack Brown
Tracy and Jeffrey Brown
Roberta Budman
Maxine and David Butler
The Calderaio Family
Margaret Campbell
Campbell Soup Foundation
Rebecca Cannon
David and Karin Caplin
Cori and Michael Cherkas
Sandee and Robert Chalik
Melissa and Mark Chase
Carrie and Orin Chein
Cathy Chiaramonte
Ella Chick
Patricia Christy and William Gatti
Cheri and Matthew Cohen
Judith Cohen
Mitchell and Ferne Cohen
Nadine and Doug Cohen
Stephen and Ruth Cohen
Susan and Keith Cohen
Wendy Cohen
Wendy Cohen-Klier|
Beth Lincow Cole
Harriet and Maxwell Colby
Arlene and Harris Colton
Frances Cone
Congregation Kol Ami, Sisterhood
Peter Corelli
Bernard and Jill Coval
Lilly Cowan
Don and Carol Craft
Randolph and Linda Cranin
David Creskoff
Patti and Jeff Cullinan
Darcy Cummings
Sharon and Marc Cutler
Kathleen D’ambra
Cindy and Alan Dannenbaum
Rochelle and Jeff Dashevsky
Nikki and Adam David
Debbie Deissroth
Grace Denbo and Rita Denbo
Leonard Denbo
Selma Denenberg
Ina Deutsch
Ceil and Kolman Diamond
Lori Dipasquale
Donald Dorfman
James and Darlene Dougherty
Mrs. Toby Dubner
Rande Dubrow
Bernard and Janis Dunn
Bernadette Edelstein
Jerry and Sandy Ehrlich
Lisa Polette-Eichen
Frances Eisenberg
Karen Ejzak
Selma Ellis
Murray Ellis
Tara Emmett
Joel and Janet Enda
David & Evelyn Epps
Cyndi Epstein
Dr. Samuel and Judith Epstein
Wendy Epstein
Ellen Errichetti
Daniel and Stacy Farber
Paula and Scott Faro
Jim and Shirley Feigenbaum
Arlene and Bob Feldman
Leonard Feldman
Leonard and Lori Feltoon
Doug and Mindy Fendrick
Jessica Fendrick
Ferdas Family
Elizabeth Fetzko
Elizabeth Meg Fischer
Beth Fisher
Kate and Alex Flaxman
Elaine and Fred Fleisher
Steven and Lois Forman
Dr. Lawrence and Jeanette Foster
Al and Bobbi Fox
Rikki and Matthew Frame
Steven Frankel
Holly and Howard Friedman
Douglas and Laura Gaffney
Lauren Galliker & Michael Spivey
       In Memory of Blanche LaKind
Joe Galzerano
Carl Gassell
Dr. Alan and Susan Geisler
Marc S. Geller
Phyllis Gensler
Lawrence and Ann-Linn Glaser
Jo Anne and Phillip Glass
Bernice Glazier
Etta Glickman
Mitchell and Stacey Goldberg
Sharon and Scott Goldberg
Stacey Goldberg
Ellen Golder
Leah Goldman
Bradley Golub
Philip and Eleanor Goodman
Susan Goodman
Dr. Richard Gordon and Dr. Trina Poretta
       In Memory of Dr. Norman Siegel
Denine Gorniak
Phil and Lauren Green
Adam and Kimberly Greenberg
Howard and Jessica Greenfield
Michael Greenspun
David and Helen Grimm
Barry and Myra Gross
Fred and Brenda Gross
Gerry and Barbara Grossman
Molly Love Grossman
Frank and Kelly Guiliano
Maxine Gurk
Matt and Chris Gurkin
Cindi and Yakir Hasit
Sherry Havier
Stephen and Melissa Heaney
Laura and H.J. Heller
Wendy Heller
Jean Herman
Roy and Dara Herman
Ryan and Wendy Hernberg
The Herron Family
Herzl Hadassah
Jeremy Heyman
Becky, Dr Defendorf, JKS, Adele,
       Kelly M, Sue, Dave
Mark Hinterlong
Terry E. Hirschhorn
Eileen Hoffing
Murray and Leni Honig
Dr. Stephen and Nancy Horowitz
Judy and Steve Hurok
James Imbriaco
Independence Blue Cross
Marc and Dawnna Isdaner
Isdaner & Company, LLC
Ellen Israel
Judith Ivler
Nadine Jacobson
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Donald Joyce, Sr.
Heather and Evan Kahn
Joanne Kahn
Kaminer Financial Group Ltd.
Dr. and Mrs. Janice Kane
Susan and Stephen Kardos
Lev Katsnelson and Galina Kugel
Katz JCC Early Childhood Center
Carol Kaufman
Susan Kaufman
Mrs. Joann Kay
Caren and David Kessler
       Family Foundation
Helen Kirschbaum
Alan and Maxine Kleiman
Ken, Eva, and Aaron Klein
Steven and Rachel Klein
Marilyn and Irving Klein
Cyndi and Ric Kleinbart
Donna and Michael Koenig
Deborah and Robert Kotzen
Alysa Krain
Roberta Kramer
Aaron and Stephanie Krause
Donna and Stewart Krevolin
Jane and David Krmpotich
Ronda and Stanley Kron
Mara Kurlander
Alfred and Rachel Kurz
Katherine Lafferty
The Blanche Lakind Knitting Group

Dr. and Mrs. S. Henry Lampert
Adam and Nicole Landau
Erica and Josh Laster
Michael and Dolores Le Dent
Helene and Richard Lees
Ryan Lehrfeld
Howard and Susan Levine
Janet and Richard Levine
Sarah Levine
The Levine Family
Arthur and Evelyn Levit
Andrew and Phyllis Levitas
Bruce and Ellen Levy
Elaine Levy
Marjorie Byck Levy
The Levy Family
Victor and Suzanne Levy
Dr. Warren and Becky Levy
Dr. Joe and Sandi Lichtman
Allison and Jeremy Lindemann
Susan Lindeman-O’Donnell and Family
David Lipsitz and Claudia Holzman
Deborah Lisker
Pamela and Paul Litwack
Jeffrey and Donna Litwin
Fern Loadenthal
Bryan and Bonnie Loew
Daniel Loew
Barbara and Robert Lunsk
Gerald Lustig
Patricia and Mark Macolino
Norman Magaziner
Patricia and Joel Magnus
Ryan Maher
Wesley and Brooke Mailhiot
Larry and Judy Marcus
Karen and Steven Marinoff
Phyllis and Michael Markoff
Karen and Bruce Marks
Sorelle and Eric Marsh
Joan Martin
Barbara Mattleman and Dean Kaplan
Tatjana May
Kelli McNamara
Laura Merkin and Arnold Cohen
Sandford and Toby Mersky
Harriet Lee Meyers
Lisa and Steven Meyers
Mady and Harry Meyers
Charles Middleberg
Randee and Alan Moldoff
Amy Moore
Moorestown Friends School
Paula & Lowell Moritz
Elaine Moskowitz
Richard and Linda Moskowitz
Ms. Michelle Myers
Jordan and Emily Nachbar
Larry Natelson and Estherose Heyman
Eric and Linda Newman
Larry and Paula Ninerell
Patricia and Scott Noar
Barbara and Philip Nochumson
Judith Offner
Paul Olin
Tony Opperman
Craig & Susan Oren
Leona Oriolo
Peter and Rochelle Oteri
Rachael Satanoff Ovitz
Manali Pai
Anita Palmonari
Helen and Adam Pasternack
Lynn Goldman Paul and Stephen Paul
Manny and Nancy Pearl
Lynn Pechinski
Ilan Peltz
Judi and Howard Peltzman
Nancy and Robert Perilstein
Al and Gayle Perlmutter
Candy Pezzner
Jacob Platt Ellen Podell
Matthew and Lee Podolnick
Gary and Suzanne Polikoff
Politz Foundation Day School
Nickolas Poretti
Rita Prusiewicz
Jan Puig
Sam & Shari Rabinowitz
Renee Ramick
Shawn and Debbie Ravitz
Robin and Ron Reisman
Stanley and Barbara Rekant
Debbie Rieder Family Foundation
Hinda and Jerry Ritigstein
Laura Riviello
Fran and Jim Roach
Salvatore Roccanova
Elizabeth Romanowsky
Dr. Gary and Sivya Romisher
Sharron and Lee Romm
Phyllis Rones
David and Allison Rose
Stephen and Mary Jo Rosen
Rebecca Rosenau
Jake and Lauren Rosner
Ilene Rosen and Todd Rowan
Steve and Marilyn Roth
Dr. Marc and Phyllis Rothman
Karen and Victor Rubinson
Caryn Rubinstein
Joanne Ruckel
Reneé Rudolph and David Lieberman
Steve and Leslie Sacharow
Randall and Mary Samost
Lisa Samuel
Jennie Savoca
Barbara Sazinsky
Jason Schaeffer
Dr. David and Karen Schlessel
John and Penny Schmidt, Jr.
        of C. Len Schmidt & Son Inc.
Phyllis Schmidt
Kayla Schorr
Mindy and Michael Schorr
Noah Schorr
Lawrence Schrier
Betsy and Bob Schwartz
Michael and Karen Schwartzman
David and Lucy Schwarz
Marsha and Paul Seader
Scott and Meredith Seligman
Gail and Harvey Shapiro
Steven Shapiro
Theodora Shapiro
Susan and Richard Shavelson
Ed and Rita Sheehan
Patricia Sheridan
David and Rhonda Shevrin
Nancy Shick
Rachel and Robert Shmuts
Murray and Susan Shipon
Brett and Jennifer Sholder
Michael Shore
Rita and Joseph Shrayberman
Carole Siegel
Deb and Dave Silver
Steven and Lori Silver
Terry Silver
Janet Silverman
Arlene and Norman Silvers
Anise Winokur Singer
Natali Singer
Eric and Aimee Sitnick
Alan Sklarsky and Ellen Gartzman
Brian Smith and Dr. Adrienne Hollander
David and Bobbi Smith
Richard Snyder
Barbara and Howard Sobel
Larry and Barrie Solomon
Robert Spross
The Staff Family
Harry and Marlyn Starkman
Ed and Judy Stein
Lyn and Howard Stein
Hildy Steinbach and Paul Berlin
Howard and Judy Steinberg
Gladys Steinberg
Alvin and Jodi Stern
Debra and Robert Stern
Sheila and Fred Stern
Eric and Cindy Stevens
Karen Stone
Craig and Randi Stoopler
Joanne and Jefferey Sumerson
Laura and Richard Swartz
Shirley Tannenbaum
TD Bank
Temple Beth Sholom
Michael and Linda Tender
Naomi Tillinger
Craig and Staci Tinkelman
Melissa and Brad Tinkelman
Herb and Toby Toll
Nadine & Jeffrey Tolvin
Joel Toub
Anh Tran and Jeremy Lippman
Art and Stacy Treiman
Miriam and Myles Turtz
Frances Twersky
Lynn Unemoto and Thomas Voskuil
USA Technologies
David and Elise Vincoff
Eva Vlessing
Joe and Tracy Wahler
Tyler Wall
Barbara Stoller Wallerstein
Shirley Wander
Lichun and Cherng Wang
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Warren
Dr. Jack and Cecile Weber
Mr. Alan and Dr. Laura Wechsler
Aunt Taube & Uncle Sam Weinberg
Sharon and Jack Weinberg
Herb and Sheila Weiner
Rabbi Nathan Weiner and Mr. Samuel Warren
Robert Weinstein and Marthe Bramley
Dr. Perry and Debbie Weinstock
Jane and Donald Weisenstein
Linda P. Weiss and Joshua R. Matusow
Leigh Weissman and Gail Forman
Sonia and Jerome Wexler
Robin and Claude White
Shelley and Peter Wint
Sandy Wirtshafter
David Wisch
Mark and Sherry Wolkoff
Rikki Woodland
Ruth and Peter Worms
David and Roz Wynne
Howard and Bonnie Yares
Leonard and Marsha Yorinks
Nancy S. Young
Mitchell and Jodi Ziets
Charlotte Zilversmit
Maxine Zimmerman
Esther Zoblin

*Of Blessed Memory